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Many employers have substituted the popular Civic Holiday, which falls on the first Monday in August.Although the Civic Holiday is enjoyed by millions every year, it is not public (statutory), and workers may have to choose one holiday or the other, based on their contract, union negotiations, service requirements, etc.British Columbia (BC) observes Family Day on the second Monday of February.

Businesses suggested the new holiday might cost them as much as $140 million a year, and have requested tax breaks to soften the economic impact.

The Saskatchewan government has provided $95 million in corporate tax cuts, but most of the companies benefiting have adjusted the official days off such that the annual allotment remains the same.

This incongruity effected much controversy, as businesses suffered as a result of being out of sync with their partners in other provinces, as well the United States, which celebrates Presidents Day on the third Monday of February.

In April 2009, Provincial Attorney General Gerard Greenan moved the holiday to the third Monday in February.

Except in British Columbia, Family Day coincides with Presidents' Day in the United States.

The second and third Mondays in February are regular working days in Quebec, Newfoundland and Labrador, and the territories.

) is a statutory holiday occurring on a Monday in February.

In the provinces of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (PEI) and Saskatchewan, it is observed on the third Monday of February; in the provinces of Manitoba, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, the holiday is instead termed Louis Riel Day, Nova Scotia Heritage Day and Islander Day respectively.

The provincial government of Prince Edward Island introduced Islander Day in 2009, due to the rising trend of a holiday in February.

It was first held on the second Monday of February in 2009, rather than the third Monday, as in other provinces.

Premier Getty said it was important for Albertans to spend time with their families, and that this holiday would emphasize the importance of family values.

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