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Alex comes across Lucias life, two youngsters who start discovering each other, the escape velocity will determine their future.See full summary » The story of a man who fooled an entire country.Since both these dramatic weak spots involve the loss of a Spanish, not an Argentinian actor, the are obvious questions about whether co-production interference hasn’t come dangerously close to hobbling a perfectly good story.

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Along with a group of other rich kids, years before Chazarreta was a member of a gang of wealthy ne’er do wells, commemorated in a photo which has gone missing.

Brena, Saravia and Iscar realize that one by one the member of this gang are dying in accidents, and before long they are in deeper than they intended.

Rodrigo Pulpeiro’s photography exploits light and shadow to the maximum, especially when roaming around the comfortable interiors of the well-appointed country pads in which much of the film plays out.

Austin Andrews por El inventor de juegos Leandro Aste por El ardor Irene Blecua por BetibúDamián Szifrón - Pablo Barbieri por Relatos Salvajes Leandro De Loredo por El ardor José Luis Díaz por Relatos Salvajes Eduardo Esquide - Steve Miller - Alberto Ovejero por BetibúChris Munro por El inventor de juegos Sebastián Escofet - Julián Gándara por El ardor Federico Jusid por BetibúKeith Power por El inventor de juegos Gustavo Santaolalla por Relatos Salvajes María Onetto por Relatos Salvajes Carola Reyna por BetibúErica Rivas por Aire libre Malena Sánchez por De martes a martes Amancio Williams de Gerardo Panero El color que cayó del cielo de Sergio Wolf La forma exacta de las islas de Daniel Casabé y Edgardo Dieleke Maravilla, la película de Juan Pablo Cadaveira De martes a martes de Gustavo Triviño El crítico de Hernán Guerschuny Los dueños de Ezequiel Radusky y Agustín Toscano Muerte en Buenos Aires de Natalia Meta Ricardo Darín por Relatos Salvajes Daniel Fanego por BetibúOscar Martínez por Relatos Salvajes Leonardo Sbaraglia por Relatos Salvajes Celeste Cid por Aire libre Rita Cortese por Relatos Salvajes Mercedes Morán por BetibúErica Rivas por Relatos Salvajes Juan Pablo Buscarini por El inventor de juegos Miguel Cohan por BetibúPablo Fendrik por El ardor Damián Szifrón por Relatos Salvajes BetibúDirección: Miguel Cohan Vanessa Ragone / Mariela Besuievsky / Gerardo Herrero Productores Daniel Burman / Diego Dubcovsky / Axel Kuschevatzky – Co-Productores El ardor Dirección: Pablo Fendrik Magma Cine – Productores Participant Media / Canana / Bananeira Filmes / Manny Films / Telefe / Aleph Media – Co-Productores El inventor de juegos Director: Juan Pablo Buscarini Juan Pablo Buscarini – Productor Pablo Bossi / Nicola De Angelis / Guido De Angelis / Marco De Angelis / José Ibañez / Tina Pehme / Kim Roberts / Nicolás Rodriguez – Co-Productores Andreina Agusti / John Bolton / Ezequiel Crupnicoff / Axel Kuschevatzky / Pablo Miguens / Marcelo Susevich – Productores Asociados Relatos Salvajes Dirección: Damián Szifrón Hugo Sigman / Agustín Almodóvar / Pedro Almodóvar / Matías Mosteirín / Esther García – Productores Claudio Belocopitt / Gerardo Rozín – Productores Asociados Axel Kuschevatzky – Co-Productor Los comentarios publicados son de exclusiva responsabilidad de sus autores y las consecuencias derivadas de ellos pueden ser pasibles de sanciones legales.

See full summary » Alex comes across Lucias life, two youngsters who start discovering each other, the escape velocity will determine their future.

Paz y Jorge see how their relationship is fading and they ..., which comes from the same production stable, represents a solid addition to the canon.Like the best of the genre, it spine-tinglingly evokes the unpleasant monsters gliding beneath our smooth social surfaces.Ammann, however feels surplus to requirements, unable to contribute much except as a sounding-board for Brena’s jaded wit, and just quietly dropped at the end in the hope that the viewer won’t notice.Another cut which the story would have survived, and which would in fact have given it a great deal more focus, is the entire Rinaldi/Nurit relationship, too obviously a mere distraction from the main business.One day, someone puts a bomb on Carlos car and kill his wife and leaves his daughter of 10 years old without legs.

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