Validating data entry

The audit trail shows when the data value was altered along with which user made the changes.If you wish to enter data which has already been entered, simply replace the data entry value with the update values.

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In order to utilize this functionality, you must login to the server while Internet connectivity is present, but if during data entry, the Internet link between your computer and the server becomes unstable, data can still be entered into the data entry form, saved to your local computer, and then pushed to the server once the Internet connectivity has been restored.

Data can be entered and stored locally while being off-line and uploaded to the central server when on-line.

See the Data Quality chapter for information on how to define such validation rules.

When you have corrected any erroneous values and are done with the form the recommended practice is to click on the Complete button below the form to register the form as complete.

This position will also work closely with the Sales and Professional Services Departments.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS:- Review contracts to ensure billing and revenue information is accurate within the accounting system.

If a custom form exists, it will be displayed, followed in order of precedence by a section form, and finally a default form. You can also use the "up" and "down" arrow keys, as well as the Enter key, to navigate between the form cells.

Start entering data by clicking inside the first field and type in the value. The values are saved immediately and do not require to be saved at a later stage.

Data is registered for an organisation unit, a period, and a set of data elements (data set) at a time.


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