who is jaime pressly dating - The walking dead 02x08 online dating

“It might be Norman Reedus,” Steven Yeun theorized about the show’s success with ladies, when he stopped by on Tuesday.

“It’s might be Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln – probably those two.” Steven, who plays the lovable Glenn (a former pizza delivery man-turned-zombie killer and apocalypse hunk, who has won the heart of Maggie Greene), also said the show resonates with people’s imaginations about dark times.

“The Walking Dead” has been a major ratings success, bringing in millions to watch the survivors fend off zombies and rival groups on AMC each week.

And despite the violence and scary situations, women have been tuning in, in droves.

, are seeing each other, sources reveal exclusively in the new issue of Us Weekly.

"They had a connection early on in the show," says a source close to the duo, "but the romance developed recently.

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“I think the show is so great right now just ‘cause it kind of hits home with the apocalyptic feel of the world and people are like, ‘What would I be in the zombie apocalypse or any apocalypse?

’ ‘Would I be a Glenn, would I be a Daryl, would I be a Rick?

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They're still pretty guarded about it." PHOTOS: Costar couples After Kinney’s character, Beth, was shockingly killed off in 2014, she and Reedus, 46, who plays zombie hunter Daryl, stayed in touch through texts, appearances at fan conventions (the two are scheduled to appear at the Walker Stalker Con event in Orlando, Fla., on June 27 and 28), and at Kinney’s music gigs.

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