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(This gives many adults a bloated feeling.) For infants, sucking adds more and unnecessary air and food to the stomach, and may cause fussiness.Infants need no more feedings in flight than at home.It’s also a good idea to use an ice pack to help keep them cool since airlines don’t usually provide refrigeration.

Little is known about the correct dosage and when to repeat it. Some observers believe that “criers” are the ones more likely to become agitated from antihistamines.

And the concept of “trying out” medications at home in the days before the flight to see an infant’s reaction – as suggested in advice columns and books – is more dosing for dubious reasons.

West Jet, Porter and Air Canada allow portable oxygen concentrators on domestic flights and international fights. For specifics rules and requirements, contact your airline before you fly.

If your doctor says that your child is stable enough to fly with supplemental oxygen, you will have to make arrangements with the airline at least 24 hours before your flight.

Sucking during ascent and descent of the aircraft may prevent earaches, but this is largely unproven.

I mean, let’s be perfectly honest, if I had a magic sleeping potion for myself – and no kids, mind you – on a long haul flight, you’d better believe I’d take it.

It is not clear if the infant drank any of the juice; she did not appear to suffer any ill effects.

Later the mother noticed that the juice was foamy and had blue and white specks floating in it and that it tasted bitter. We know this from our surveys and observations – handing out questionnaires to hundreds of parents before flights, personal observations while walking the aisles on about 200 flights, and asking frequent flyers how often they are disturbed by crying infants.

If your child is very ill, your doctor may recommend delaying the flight.

Some medical conditions may require preflight testing and arrangements for extra oxygen. airlines also allow you to carry portable oxygen concentrators.

This dry feeling results from air conditioning removing most of the moisture from the cabin air.

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