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The primary intent of these rules is to provide operations staff with information relating to messages that are stuck in the system and that require manual intervention of some sort, and to give them the information required to rectify the root problem.All of these rules are configured to suppress duplicate alerts for identical event content, which means a repeat count will be incremented for a single alert rather than seeing multiple alert instances in the MOM Console.Note that we focus here on the Biz Talk Server 2004 Core rule group, as that is our primary focus in the discussion regarding custom management packs.

For a deeper, yet still brief, overview, see "Monitor Your .

NET Applications with Microsoft Operations Manager 2005" in the MSDN Library, found at Management Packs represent a collection of configuration settings and MOM artifacts that you can deploy to a given MOM environment.

Like all management packs released by Microsoft, it contains the core rules, alerting, computer group definitions, and knowledge base content to monitor the availability and performance of the targeted product, in this case Biz Talk Server 2004, as a part of your company infrastructure.

Biz Talk MP is able to monitor the availability of critical services such as Biz Talk Host instances and Enterprise Single Sign-On (SSO).

None of the rules contain automated responses, but such responses could easily be added by operations staff.

Indicates that the Messaging Engine failed to process a message submitted by an adapter, typically because a send port or orchestration has not been started, or appropriate properties on the message have not been promoted, or the message is simply not subscribed to by what has been currently deployed.

In the MOM Administrator console, select Microsoft Operations Manager to view a task pane on the right side that includes a link for importing management packs.

This will launch a wizard that will guide you through the process, as shown in figures 3 and 4.

If you have not yet deployed Biz Talk MP, you can download it from

Family ID=66c22e1a-670d-4c0d-ba2d-90f2f8e10971&Display Lang=en. After you have extracted the download, you are ready to import the management pack.

Indicates that a failure is occurring with a Receive port that requires authentication.

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