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But the fact is, when you're having noisy energetic sex in a vehicle, it quickly becomes obvious to anyone nearby what's going on.

I've noticed that when we have sex in the van my wife is more uninhibited and makes more noise than when we're at home so I think she secretly enjoys the idea of being overheard.

Jane grumbled that she was being left on her own for 3 days while her husband went off early the next day for an extended fishing trip, over to the French coast with some mates of his in a fishing boat.

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During our first evening at the campground we soon got chatting and started to get to know each other over a shared bottle of wine.

David was the quiet one but Jane was very chatty & open.

Though slightly annoyed at having been woken so early, I realized I was sporting a lovely morning erection, possibly brought on at the sight of Jane looking so appealing.

I've always been attracted to older women and began to fantasize about whether Jane was sexually active still and whether David satisfied her needs.

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Eventually we decided to compromise, I would take her to the nearest train station and she would catch a train to stay with her parents, then return to me a few days later to resume our break.

I still felt robbed, as I knew the intense morning sex we'd enjoyed was just a starter and that I'd have to wait for the main course.

We both climaxed loudly and as we recovered I couldn't help wondering if the whole campground had heard us coupling so passionately.


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