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The owner recommended me a glass of red wine which was fresh and good.

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What an amazing place; I was motivated to create a City Weekend account just to share how happy I am to find such a great spot to eat so close to my house.

The chef greeted me upon my entering the establishment and seems like a genuinely nice guy from the conversation we had as he prepared my dinner.

I ordered a pasta dish that came with slow a cooked marinara sauce, mushrooms, and fresh mozzarella.

The pasta had a hint of spiciness, which I appreciated.

Therefore I find it iirritating that you describe our food simply as "bland" and "horrible". Thank you for your comment and kindly allow me to ask you to make yourself known should you visit Fat Mama again since I would love to learn more about the reasons why you were unhappy. Yours sincerely, Stefan (chef/owner) Went twice, had absolutely horrible meals both times.

On both occasions, they were out of everything (which is why I went back - to see if maybe I just went on an off day). The owner offered to "whip up" something, and I wish we'd just stuck to the wine.

Charming, personal touch at Fat Mama is what makes the difference. Had the Mama's Fat sandwich - a heavenly mix of pepperoni, chicken, mozzarella, pesto and tomato on toasted ciabatta.

The coffee and apple tart were both spot on and nice way to finish the meal! 65 RMB might be steep for a sandwich that looks so small, but believe me, your taste buds will thank you.

But the food, atmosphere and wine are definitely worth the wait. Everything we ordered was great (I feel like their small menu allows them to put special attention into every dish). I heard this restaurant monthes ago and always wanted to take a look. Several vacant tables and chairs were set in that peaceful balcony, it's getting freezing in town thus all the people prefered staying inside.

Live on the other side of town, but am looking forward to whenever I make it over again.perfect cozy little cafe to while away an afternoon, or even an evening. Everything on the menu looked delicious, the quiche was particularly lovely, perfect thin crust and fresh cheese. Otherwise the place would have looked much larger and more spectaculous.

Nothing worse than bland food made by "chefs" who tell you how fabulous it is before they put it on the table.


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