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For years to come, SEIKO will continue to deliver a dedication to perfection that fans of clocks expect and appreciate.

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The only one we missed – Tom had just roundhouse kicked the bag apart – before I’d realised he was starting.

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The result was a lot of flour, and a slightly missed moment of impact. Should you ever find yourself with a need to smash these up, here are the “recipes” we used: This made quite a fantastic noise – a mix between a thud and a splat.

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To learn more about SEIKO and PULSAR watches, please visit us on the web.

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The story of SEIKO began when Kintaro Hattori opened a clock repair store in central Tokyo at the age of 22.

Just eleven years later, the company made its first clock and, in 1895, its first pocket watch.

Partner is a person who registered on DM Planet white label and affiliate network.


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