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A slow lens has a maximum aperture value (f number) of 3.5 to 5.6 or higher. Faster lenses allow more light to enter at faster shutter speeds.

The larger numbers are ideal to use if you are taking a lot of pictures from a long distance away.

For example, if you want to take a photo of a bird in a tree, you would want to take the shot with a focal length of 300mm or greater depending on where you are situated in relation to the bird.

Understanding these markings will ensure you purchase the lens that best suits your photo needs.

Fortunately, deciphering the numbers on a camera lens is not that difficult.

Some camera manufacturers use Roman numerals to indicate a series number, so instead of 2USM you would see IIUSM.

This is a set of numbers shown as ratios, which indicate the widest possible aperture for a given lens.This indicates the current focal length of the lens.Finally, be aware of the null symbol on a camera lens. It is a symbol for a screw of that mm number, which fits the lens should you need to replace it.In the case of a zoom lens, you will typically see one or two values, such as 1:2.8, 1:4-5.6.In the first example, the f/2.8 refers to the widest aperture available for that lens.If you are branching out in the world of digital photography, you might be considering buying a lens kits for your DSLR camera.


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